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The Work

Change management is tough and sacred work. Transformations are the synergestic result of many people on different teams working together towards a common vision. I'm honored to have been a part of the projects detailed below but I share these successes with those who worked beside and for me. 


Creating an OCM Center of Excellence for PeopleReady

When PeopleReady, an labor-on-demand division of the staffing company TrueBlue, Inc., decided to take on 3 enterprise transformations in the course of 2 years, they realized they needed an experienced organizational change manager to help them. As the new Enterprise Change Management Director, I wanted to ensure the most time and cost-effective way to support these transformations. I created an Organizational Change Management Center of Excellence (OCM COE) and trained and coached former product managers on change management foundations to create a new organizational change management team. I also created a workshop for executive leaders that provided an experience which showcased the value of OCM. Below are some of my proudest accomplishments: 

Transformation Plans

My strong project management skills and PMP training allowed me to create detailed OCM plans.


These helped the PMO, the TMO, the members of the program team and the executive sponsors understand the various types of OCM work the enterprise transformations required and deepened the respect and understanding of true change management. 


Launching a CMO for The Home Depot

It started with a simple ask: Help the central eCommerce team of a Fortune 50 company better engage stakeholders and streamline business processes. But we realized this team, who worked with more than 30 different departments on many agile projects per year, would benefit even more from a Business Transformation Office. So that's what we built.

Challenge: The Product Management team for the Master Data Management system of a large corporation didn't have the bandwidth to engage stakeholders or lean out processes and wanted to ensure internal and external users were aware of and able to adopt changes to the item onboarding experience.

Solution: Using the PROSCI 3-Phase process and the ADKAR methodology, we created change management plans that aligned with agile project timelines, published a website with change management tools and templates for the organization, taught cross-functional teams how to implement change management best practices on their projects (and coached and mentored them along the way), implemented innovative ways to engage stakeholders, created OKRs and project success metrics that better aligned with enterprise strategic initiatives, documented and improved inefficient business processes, identified areas of muda (waste) and made sure teams had the knowledge resources, training and guidance they needed to meet their desired project outcomes. 

"Your open rates must be off the charts. (Your team's communications are) literally one of the best parts of my week." -Mary C, Senior Manager, Customer Experience


"You were able to take a conversation with our team and turn it into an improvement that will save us email traffic. In addition, this will help ensure items are available to the customer quicker by removing the unnecessary workflow. THANK YOU FROM OUR WHOLE TEAM." Kathryn B., Merchant Planning Manager 

"Love the creativity from your team! Incredible job!!... It is rewarding to see the results reflect the hard work the team has taken on to make sure to listen and adapt as much as possible to the customer experience."  Jeanine H,. SVP, Interconnected Merchandising

"You should be proud of the year your team delivered." Lisa R., Senior Director, Online Merchandising


Below are some of our accomplishments. 



HCM Implementation for ADP

As a consultant, I was hired by an HR software company to ensure the training and communications for a $3.5 billion HCM implementation were effective. When I identified additional multiple change management gaps, I worked with the entire Upgrades team to ensure we could fill them. Users were excited about the change and had the training and resources they needed to be successful. 



Leadership Development & Coaching Program for UPS

What do you do when a global company hires you to create a leadership program, but your SME team is too busy to give you much information? Well, let me tell you what I did. I curated a ton of research from Gartner and used my training as a Professional Certified Coach to create an international leadership coaching program that impressed the socks off of the sponsor and is now being used for managers throughout the world. 


Digital Transformations for The Salvation Army 

Digital transformations aren't easy, especially when you're a non-profit with limited resources and you're upgrading your CRM, launching a digital marketing application and automating your donation invoice process, all within a 3 year period. I led both the project and change management of all three of these initiatives and in addition, created all of the training and knowledge resources, coached and mentored the corporate trainers and support team and ensured our sponsor and people managers knew how to handle resistance effectively. It was a lot! And then I was asked to be a featured speaker at the Blackbaud national conference on why change management is essential when changing IT infrastructure. 

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Coaching & Mentoring
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