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I help organizations and individuals change better. From IT implementations and digital transformations to leadership development and cultural shifts, I ensure your organization has the strategic program and change management tools you need to achieve a successful transformation.  


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Transformation Programs

Ensure your change initiative gets the results you need. 

Is your organization implementing an IT system that's going to require new processes and procedures? Launching an automation initiative and not sure how to prepare your workforce? Perhaps you're reorganizing a business unit and want to prevent turnover.  

Adopting big changes means you need 3 things: 

1- Strategy, 2- Structure and 3- Sustainability

As a PROSCI certified change management professional who has spent more than a decade on various consulting projects, I can provide you what you need to be successful with your change. 

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PROSCI's ADKAR Methodology

Customized & Scalable Strategies

Playbooks & Toolkits

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Leadership Programs

Better leadership means better results. 

Transform your management team into a group of superb coaches. Empower your employees with strong interpersonal skills. Give your people what they need to make better strategic decisions and solve bigger problems. 

When you take care of your people and give them the training they need to become better leaders, your business will thrive. 

From day-long workshops to executive coaching to small-group sessions, each team is different and needs a different approach to become more effective. Contact me to learn more about the different types of customized leadership programs I offer. 

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Customized Sessions

Live Trainings & Workshops 

Research-Based Practices

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