I first came to Atlanta, Georgia with the prestigious non-profit Teach for America. My intention was to be a part of a movement dedicated to transforming under-performing, urban schools but my experience as an inner-city middle school teacher transformed my life.  I began to realize the incredible potential we all have to shift our environments and ourselves into something much greater. 


I've spent the past fifteen years empowering clients who are undergoing some kind of major change. I work with both large corporate clients and small businesses on change management initiatives and I see individual clients, one-on-one, in my private coaching practice in John's Creek, Georgia.  

I have a degree in English and Education from Illinois State University, received my professional coaching certification from the Martha Beck School of Coaching, and am currently working on obtaining PMP certification from the Project Management Institute. I'm also a nationally-published author and love to write about the ways we can change better.  

If we want to change the world we live and work in, we better change.  

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