Your training team needs easy-to-follow guides that allow them to focus on delivering quality instruction. I create training outlines that enable your trainers to deliver exceptional and consistent sessions. If applicable, my training guides can be translated into different languages for a global audience. 

Training Guides

I create classroom activities, such as role-plays and team challenges, that help reinforce practical application of the material and make the training session more interactive for the participants. 

Classroom Activities

I've worked successfully with diverse groups of training professionals - from new human resources staff to experienced technical instructors. I can create the content and lead T3 sessions that ensure your training team has the resources they need to be successful with their sessions. 


To meet your training goals, participants need relevant exercises and activities. The participant workbooks I write contain content that reinforces and supplements training and ensures a successful transition when the session is over.


Multiple-choice tests don't give you an accurate analysis of what your people have truly learned after a training session. I create customized, scenario-based assessments that demonstrate participant understanding and application of concepts.


From beautiful PowerPoint slides that assist instruction, to informative decks with aligning graphical elements, I use my design skills to build captivating presentations.  


Participants need real-life application and practice to master content. I create participant exercises that encourage participant self-assessment, reflection and, if need be, self-correction. 

Participant Exercises

Sometimes your resources are limited and formal training sessions are not possible. Or, you may want to give your learners the option of independent study. A self-study guide may be the solution. With step-by-step instructions, visual elements that reinforce concepts, and several checks for understanding as learners progress through the material, my guides will exceed your training expectations. 

Self-Study Guides

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