Scenario-based eLearning courses ensure your learners are not just understanding material but are able to apply it in realistic situations.


Click here to view an example of a scenario-based course I created for a call center coaching program using Captivate. 



Augmented reality is a thing of the present! I use 3D facial animation in my courses to bring them to life with characters who look real. As long as I have a front and side shot of a person or character, I can program almost anyone into a talking head.

Click here to see how I created a 3D Avatar of myself. 



Articulate Storyline 360 has a ton of amazing, interactive features. Click here to see a course I created using some of them. This is a leadership course for new managers that requires the learner to apply what they've learned using scaffolding, an instructional approach that requires learners to continually build on what they've learned. 



Maybe you don't have an LMS but still want a way for your learners to access courses at any time, on any type of device. 

Using Rise, a rapid eLearning development application in the Articulate360 Suite, I create cloud-based courses. 

Click here to see the beginning of a course I created for a state-level certification for beginning civil engineers. 


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